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What is RIGD?

The stock market is 100% RIGGED (RIGD)
Ordinary investors stand zero chance against the titans of Wall Street (we call them lizards) who have infinitely more resources, experience, intelligence and often better (possibly inside) information.
So we pulled a Kevin Durant… if you can’t beat them, join them.
RIGD is an options alerts tool that lets you follow big trades (the lizards) and get in on the action.
With RIGD you don't need to watch the charts, read the Wall Street Journal or know the difference between technical and fundamental analysis (we sure don’t).
We’ve built a system that’s easy to understand and even easier to use.

⚠️ ! WARNING: Extreme Volatility Ahead ! ⚠️

RIGD contains zero-day option (0DTE) alerts for $SPY and $QQQ.
0DTE options are the most volatile financial derivatives ever created.
Trading 0DTE options is extremely degenerate, highly speculative and will likely result in 100% loss of capital.
RIGD alerts are designed for intraday (same day) trading.
This product is not recommended for the risk averse.

How does RIGD work?

1.) RIGD monitors option flow

Option flow tracks large buys and sells of option contracts.
It’s probably the most powerful tool available to a trader. Except you won’t find it in your Robinhood app. Option flow is hidden from the general public. The lizards who control the stock market make you pay for it.
want to look at this all day or should a computer do it for you?

2.) The algorithm detect large trades

Each trade is evaluated based on premium, type, size, and time then compared to our database.
The algo will then assign a score (higher the score the stronger the signal) and side.

3.) RIGD sends you an alert!

Receive alerts instantly by email, discord, SMS and push.
Alerts are easy to understand and simple to follow.
Check the app and chat with the community to decide if you want to enter the trade.

What makes RIGD different? What's the secret sauce?

First if you're looking for guaranteed returns or a system that hits 89.99% of the trades, you are in the wrong place. We are not furus (financial gurus) with fake claims of insane gains and photoshopped screenshots of taking $1,000 accounts to $100,000.

The RIGD Secret Sauce:

0DTE options expire the same day.
The lizards (wall street) are not going to put on a large trade (300k - 1m) that expires in a few hours unless the probability of the trade being successful is very high.
These large trades often do one of two things:
1.) move the market in their direction
2.) happen right before the the market moves

8/21 - 773 BULL BOMB on SPY

RIGD detects a large trade at 10:28 and sends an alert. The 773 is very high!
The price of SPY went up and to the right (we call this a hulk) for the rest of the day.
The max gain on the $434 call option was 191.6%.
The maximum loss on this trade was two minutes after the alert at -5.29%. The rest of the day you were deeply in the green.
If you did nothing but buy the call at 10:28 and walk away, you returned 96.73%.

Are 0DTE options just gambling?

Due to the high risk and speculative nature, it's easy to label 0DTE options as gambling. However this is false. They're in the same arena but 0DTE is the front row and gambling is in the nosebleeds.
Since the degen economy is live an well in America, let's compare RIGD to betting on an NFL game.
RIGD Options
NFL Game
6 hours 30 minutes
~ 3 hours
Open, Middle, Close
4 quarters
Monday - Friday
M - TH - Su
Loss - Breakeven - Win
Binary (win or loss)
Theoretically unlimited
Limited to the odds
There are two key reasons why RIGD is superior.
Outcome - options can be sold for a loss, exited at breakeven or a winning trade. You can hit a 100%, sell half of your position and leave half on risk free to chase higher returns.
NFL betting is a binary outcome win or loss (come on you never push don't even try to think that). If your team is up early in the first quarter, you cannot pull half your bet.
Profit Potential - when you purchase a call option the profit is theoretically unlimited because there is no limit to how high a stock can go. It won't happen, but there is no limit. The downside is limited because you can't go below zero and the circuit breakers would trigger trading would stop on a -20% down move in SPY.
NFL betting or any sports betting limits your profit to the odds agreed to at the time of the wager. It cannot exceed that amount.
NFL example:
You bet on the 49ers to beat the Steelers by -2 at -110 odds.
The 49ers beat the 30 - 7.
You are not paid any extra for the margin of victory.
RIGD example:
The price of SPY is $446.15.
You receive a bull alert and buy the 447 strike call for 1.05.
At the end of the day SPY is $451.00.
Because SPY is $4 over your strike price, the return on your calls is 315%.
Gambling is a fixed outcome based on pre-set odds.
0DTE options have unlimited profit potential + multiple outcomes.